Fault Disturbance Recording

Fault recording system is designed to collect, store and provide data regarding faults, their evolvement and elimination both in electric power stations and substations. This functionality provides possibility for a more accurate identification of outage reasons and evaluation of protection IEDs operation correctness.

Key Functions:

  • Recording Of Protection Ieds Binary Outputs
  • Real-time Data Processing, Generation Of Archives And Their Storage In Non-volatile Memory
  • Real-time Generation Of Vector Diagrams
  • Active, Reactive And Total Power Calculation
  • Calculation Of Current And Voltage Symmetrical Components
  • Line Resistance Calculation
  • Time Synchronization Functionality
  • Self-supervision
  • Waveform Recording In Steady-state Mode And During Transients
  • Display Data Output And Printing With Time Stamps
  • Data Exchange With External Devices, Data Transmission To Control Center
  • Data Communication With Process Control System Using One Of The Following Communication Protocols
  • OPC DA
  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • IEC 61850-8-1 (MMS)


  • High Sampling Rates
  • High-accuracy Measurement Of Analog Signals
  • High Reliability
  • Wide Configuration Capabilities, Functionality And Settings Range
  • Process Control System Integration Using Standard Communication Protocols
  • Communications Flexibility (Ethernet Interface, Standard Telephone Modem, GSM Modem, XDSL Modem Options For Communication With Operator’s HMI)

Waveform Recording

  • Real-time Operation
  • Per-channel Settings Support
  • Fault Recording And Generation Of Archives