Why NexGEN is a Great Place to Work?

Employee Benifits:

  • Nexgen consistently attracts the best and the brightest talent because the environment is stimulating yet comfortable, friendly yet challenging. It's an enjoyable atmosphere to work in, where each employee is encouraged to realize his/her full potential, through his/her individual contribution, and as part of a team.
  • The friendly atmosphere promotes consistent interaction, communication and a family feeling, which motivates productivity.
  • We firmly believe that our employees are our most valuable assets, which we must nurture and develop. Our success depends largely on this attitude and approach. Our retention strategy is carefully devised to offer a great learning curve, careful career planning for each employee and attractive pay, and benefits.
  • We recognize and reward performance and acknowledge the excellent work done by our employees.
  • Education reimbursement/ Certification: Yes, you have a degree or two, but that doesn't mean your education ends. NCPL provides tuition reimbursement for approved courses.
  • Rewards: Higher you go. Heavier you get.
    As you scale newer peaks of achievements, we pamper you with many benefits. At every step of success there is a special incentive awaiting you. The challenges we encounter, motivates us to accomplish greater feats and the comforts of rewards and recognition comes as a package.
  • Fun@Nexgen: Fun@Nexgen is a group for Entertainment, Sports, Celebration, Activities, Party-planning, and Events. We make working at Nexgen an enjoyable experience by providing a right balance between work and fun.
  • Vacation Time: Nexgen is giving you full month off in a first year.
  • A place where innovation and creativity is rewarded, as is the ability think out of the box. You are invited to join us so that we can work together on your personal roadmap to growth and success. Check out some of the openings we have currently.