NexGEN believes that quality IT applications are the backbone of most business processes. The various researches show that one-third of business stakeholders are disappointed with the quality of their software. Stakeholders must understand the affects and loss of poorly tested and integrated software on the customers, sales, partnerships, employees, and financial bottom line.

NexGEN has its dedicated QA Group (NexQAG), which assures our clients for flawless and power performance of the software services as it remains involved in the whole Software Development Life Cycle.

At NexGEN, we believe that Quality Assurance and Testing is more than fixing bugs after they are found.

Our effective Quality Assurance and Testing is a controlled approach to prevent, eliminate, and reduce the damaging effects of defects, bugs, and issues.

NexGEN's NexQAG includes following roles that enable us provide our client with quality software service:

  • Process Change Management Group
  • Technology Change Management
  • Defects Prevention Group
  • Independent Validation and Verification Group
  • Support Team (supporting Test Environments, Test Automation and Test Data)

Process Management Group

  • Pre-fault Data Input And Processing
  • Impact Analysis
  • Identify Tools and Drivers
  • Analysis Cost, Benefits, Risks, and ROI
  • Change Management

Technology Change Management

  • Identifies New Technology
  • Identifies Tool, Methods, and Processes
  • Analyse Cost, Benifits, Risks, and ROI
  • Impact Assessment

Defect Prevention Group

  • Policy and Procedure
  • RCA, Pareto, and Fishbone Analysis
  • Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Elimination


  • Ideate
  • Collaborate
  • Crystalize
  • Analyse
  • Implement