ARIS software-hardware complex is designed for development and implementation of electric power facility automated systems (process control systems, data transmission and acquisition systems, technological data acquisition and transmission systems, etc.). Complex is designed in accordance with IEC 61850 requirements.

    ARIS Software-Hardware Complex Key Functions:

  • Acquisition and primary processing of analog signals
  • Acquisition and processing of binary signals
  • Remote and local control
  • Automatic control
  • Technological and operational interlocking
  • Warning and alarm signaling
  • Technological process events recording and archiving with 1 ms time resolution
  • Fault recording with 1 ms time resolution
  • Stand-alone systems integration - protection and automation devices, SIPS devices, fault recording devices, fault location devices: tripping supervision, remote operation mode change (setting group change, indications reset, etc.)
  • Recording and calculation of power quality parameters according to EN 50160:2010 requirements
  • Electric power facility main and auxiliary equipment supervision, switchgear equipment mechanical life calculation, malfunction identification
  • Secondary and communication equipment supervision
  • Data display to operation and maintenance staff
  • Data transmission to dispatching and control centers