The management is a blend of highly skilled experienced people from domain, technology, and people management. Strategy formulation, policy and control, Reviewing, expansion are the key roles of the management. The management encourages in-house talent to take the ownerships as Senior managers, this help in risk minimization and controlling the attrition.

This has lead us building and creating better leaders, technology experts, subject matter experts and developing a sense of ownership and responsibility.

The management focus on the solution approach-problems identification and resolution, objective specification, deciding alternative courses of action, alternate selection, resource management to implement the chosen alternative, coordination and synchronization, motivation and performance improvement and controlling.

The management intend on making NexGEN as the best place to work and increase the satisfaction level among the stakeholders.

Sanjay Bhardwaj/ CEO of NexGEN

With 30 years industry experience, he set up NexGEN Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. in 1997. His entrepreneurship abilities make him a leader, people’s manager, and excellent process designer. He has placed his interest in accomplishing the ambition to make NexGEN’s services available across the globe and to become as a global brand in the global software services arena.

Vivek Bhardwaj/ MD-CTO of NexGEN

He is the principal at NexGEN, and a 21 years veteran in various technologies. His unique ability to identify talent and its effective utilization at NexGEN, makes NexGEN a strong technology resource equipped organization. He laid the NexGEN foundation and has played the key role in transforming the company from startup to a leader in technology services with the best industry processes. He is the lead product designer with excellent analytical skills that makes him the finest business analyst.