Transformer Monitoring And Diagnostic System

Transformer monitoring and diagnostic system (TMDS) based on ARIS software-hardware complex is intended for acquisition and processing of the main transformer parameters in continuous manner.


  • Supervision of RMS values of current and voltage on HV, MV and LV sides
  • Supervision of active, reactive and apparent power and cos φ
  • Supervision of the temperature of upper/lower oil layers and winding temperatures
  • Recording of ambient temperature
  • Supervision of insulation parameters for high voltage bushings
  • Supervision of acceptable short-term voltage rises on HV side
  • Supervision and recording of load tap changer position and number of LTC operations

TMDS monitors the technical conditions forming the expert review and forecast of this technical conditions of equipment using real time calculation model, namely:

  • supervision of acceptable regular and emergency overloading
  • supervision of temperature of winding hot spot in compliance with EC 60076-7
  • supervision of winding insulation aging
  • calculation of load ability for transformer equipment
  • estimation of LTC residual life