With high demand of robust and scalable solution for Power and energy domain, smart grid initiatives, Increasing dependency on business Intelligence based solution has lead our deep researched, tried and testing products to be positioned as a global solution.

NexGEN has partnership and alliances with Microsoft, SAS, and NI (National Instruments), which enable it to study the setbacks and develop domain specific and standard applications. NexGEN has developed the most efficient and customizable applications (Web-based and Windows applications), which are implemented and running successfully with its surprising benefits.

  • EL-PSoft
  • ENMS
  • ELintSoft
  • ELint-TMS
  • Billing Engine

Our products address the following issues and are the best and an easy fit for the industry:

  • Meter Data Acquisition
  • Meter Data Management
  • Energy Audit
  • New Connection
  • Disconnection & Dismantling
  • GIS based customer indexing & Asset mapping
  • GIS based Integrated Network analysis
  • Central Customer Care
  • MIS with DMS / DW / BIW
  • Web Self Service
  • Commercial Data Base of Customers
  • Metering, Billing & Collection
  • Asset Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Integration between core applications

We focus on continuous improvement of our solutions and processes and has been a great help in easy client acquisition. Our unique partnership approach has been an advantage to our clients:

  • Minimum Investment by our client
  • Quick return on investment
  • Flexible Support functions
  • Easy integration with existing system
  • Highly advance report system