Bespoke Application

NexGEN Being from the product background understand the scope of customization and custom application development.

The Expert BA’s at NexGEN analyze the Gaps in between the requirement and solution and assist you in reaching new heights in terms of technology. Our planned and quality-driven approach sets us apart from and ensure the best offering even after being a non domain company. NexGEN's on-time and cost-effective solution commitments to its client can take you climb faster on the business ladder.

NexGEN follows the best software development process that ensure the client get the deliverables on time every time. Our rigorous testing processes by the quality assurance group ensure the best quality given to client. No matter our client has requirement of a small piece of code or a turnkey project. NexGEN standby its quality, time and cost commitments.

Our unique partnership approach with our client allows us to take the ownership of the work and ensure our client is not marked down vis-à-vis on our work.

NexGEN can execute the development process in open source as well as licensed environment as per the client requirement.

Features of the Bespoke development services:

  • Highly skilled technical team
  • Industry best quality process- CMMI level 3
  • Industries best analyst team
  • Partnership approach