ARIS C304/305 bay controllers of the cell are designed for implementation of 6-35 kV bays complex monitoring and control functionality. They provide direct input of signals from CTs/VTs, input of binary signals, generation of remote control and interlocking signals, integration of protection IEDs. They also implement measurement transducer, electric power meter, power quality monitoring and communication device functions. ARIS C304/305 may operate in stand-alone mode as well as a part of process control systems.

Key Functions:

  • Measurement and calculation of more than 80 secondary electrical parameters of three-phase four-wire network
  • Input of binary signals (24 VDC or 220 VDC/VAC)
  • Output of binary and control signals (24 VDC or 220 VDC/VAC)
  • Input of normalized current and voltage analog signals
  • Execution of user-defined algorithms, interlocking algorithms
  • Data exchange with other devices using digital communication protocols
  • Power quality parameters calculation according to EN 50160:2010 standard
  • Display of electrical network parameters and power quality parameters at bay controller display
  • Display of mimic diagrams at bay controller display
  • Processing of double position signals
  • Electric energy metering
  • Timestamping with an accuracy of 1 ms
  • Data archiving (analog and binary signals)
  • Event log administration and display
  • Operation as NTP-server
  • Recource calculation of the fault iterrupter switch
  • Fault recording COMTRADE format