Objective and Scope:

Billing Engine ensures that utility bills its consumers efficiently with intent to increase the revenue of utility, and provide satisfactory services to the consumer. System provides useful reports from different database application integrated with it that helps in making the significant and valuable decision to move the business in profitable direction along with having satisfactory and contented customers.

Area of Billing Engine starts from acquiring the data from consumer end through other integrated application to the various report generation.

Its highly advanced technology, customizable approach, and integration with other modules/applications make it the most viable application in Power, Gas, Water, and Tele-communication sector.

Salient Solution:

  • Consumer related updated information
  • Material at site updated inventor
  • Updated information regarding, consumption, meter reading, billing, revenue collection, DCO, MCO, etc
  • Latest status of consumer complaint, grievances & processing of new/old connection/shifting / name change, extension / reduction of load cases, etc
  • Detailed network drawing with updated DTC, load etc for network analysis, load management, energy auditing, T&C losses, System improvement, augmentation, etc
  • Generation of MIS reports / latest status/ various reports required by higher authorities