EL-PSoft is a power sector specific COTS ERP product that uniquely has an Electrical Network Management System (ENMS) at its heart. Unlike any generic OTS ERP, EL-PSoft is designed, developed and maintained by electrical domain experts which make the product feature-rich from the electrical sector (specially distribution) perspective. El-PSoft product has SOA based design, work-flows based engine, and functionalities that are embedded to ensure an end-to-end adaptability right from Metering, Billing, Collection, Load-flow analysis, CIS, finance and cash and over 20 other modules in a plug-play manner. This provides the versatility of a generic ERP with ease of implementation and configurability, while continuing to provide the electrical distribution sector with domain-driven functionalities. EL-PSoft has been implemented in various technical and commercial environments in 4 large utilities in India, running for over 3 years in an enterprise environment. Right from out-right procurement to software-as-a-service; this product has adapted itself extremely well in all environments.

EL-PSoft assists engineers / officers in performing day to day working such as, Technical analysis, Energy auditing, Revenue & Billing, Customer Care, Store, Assets, Inventories, Consumer Indexing, Network Analysis, Load Management, Processing of new / old connections, Estimation, Cash Collection and Generation of various MIS reports etc. i.e. complete computerized solution for SEB/DISCOM's Circle/Division/Subdivision.

Basically following are the basic requirement of a Subdivision of SEB / DISCOM:

  • Consumer related updated information
  • Material at site updated inventor
  • Updated information regarding, consumption, meter reading, billing, revenue collection, DCO, MCO, etc
  • Latest status of consumer complaint, grievances & processing of new/old connection/shifting / name change, extension / reduction of load cases, etc
  • Detailed network drawing with updated DTC, load etc for network analysis, load management, energy auditing, T&C losses, System improvement, augmentation, etc
  • Generation of MIS reports / latest status/ various reports required by higher authorities