Utilities need complete control over various levels of the Electrical network for efficient monitoring and shortened reaction time in case of failures. Transformers are integral part and an important asset of Power Transmission & Distribution System, its correct function is essential for reliable operation of power sector. Transformers are subjected to heavy loading often in a very hostile environment, Hence it become necessary to monitor its operation condition on a real time basis to avoid the unexpected interruption and to increase the reliability of electrical network.

The ELint-TMS solution developed to provide the facility to centralized monitoring and helps the user to understand the condition during the operation as well provide real time & historical information for the operator and management.

The system provides not only the conventional technical data, such as current, voltage etc. but also more information such as oil temperature, oil level etc.

ELint-TMS is integration of sensors, data management and analysis to turn sensor data in to useful knowledge, which is needed by the operators to ensure reliable operation and help in immediately recovery action and avoid power interruption.