After a profound research over a decade, NexGEN shaped its outstanding logics and experience into advanced engineering application ENMS. It is a windows-based distribution analysis tool allows you to primary distribution planning, operation and optimization studies, feasibility analysis, etc.

It let you to operate the electrical network, and control it efficiently, in order to cope with technical & commercial losses and complexities in power transmission and distribution.

The system is specially designed for Power Distribution Network to reduce the ATC losses and increase the revenue of Utilities. It facilitates you to generate 'Single Line Diagram' (SLD) based on 'Graphical Interface System' (GIS) surveyed data of electric lines and various equipments, in order to monitor the electricity consumption up to end-user.

In addition, enabling HT/LT network analysis for system study on computer renders the location of pole, transformer, distance between poles, etc.

Salient Features:

  • Systematic/ unbalanced voltage drops load flow
  • Calculation for user-defined settings for load, LF, DF, etc for load flow
  • Distribution substation proposal on an overloaded LT feeder
  • Optimum transformer proposal over a selected region or node
  • Short Circuit Analysis (LL, LLG, SLG, 3 phases)
  • Extensive ‘What if’ Analysis
  • Re-conductring Analysis
  • EnergyAuditing


Analyze HT/ LT network for system study on computer monitor depicting the location of pole, transformer, and distance between poles etc usingNexGEN's broadly accepted ENMS.

It provides the complete technical as well as personal information about the consumers on HT/ LT network diagram indicating the exact connectivity point - HT/ LT poles, and also facilitates for locating individual consumer in the electric network of subdivision.

ENMS provides voltage regulation, Technical losses etc… at all the relevant voltage level as well as at the particular regional locations on the live network, diagram of HT/LTnetwork.

The software represents (Modeling) an 'Electric Distribution Network', which comprises of various electric equipments, connected from each other to generate a distribution system.